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Available for:

Small Groups

About Tension, Trauma Release Exercises®

TRE® is a series of simple exercises that activate a natural mechanism in the body.  This mechanism releases deep patterns of tension through muscle vibrations.

Many report positive affects with:

  • Sleep
  • Digestion
  • Energy levels  
  • Relationships
  • Over all feeling of balance and relaxation

TRE home practice can often be integrated within 3 sessions.   

Having always been curious about how each of us recovers from stress and/or trauma, I am equally as curious about what restores and sustains vitality.  TRE  can support recovery as well as strengthen individuals and groups.
I am grateful to Dr. David Berceli for developing and sharing TRE.

For more information please see TRE site: 

Please call or email for an appointment.

Policy Statement
I am licensed both as a professional counselor and as a body worker.  The policy of my private practice is to focus on bodywork and to support you with the skills I have learned in my training as a counselor.  In working with you, I will primarily act as your body worker and make referrals to counseling when appropriate.

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